My name is Keith James Lewis. I come from the rural town of Horseshoe Bend, AR. I am an English Teacher in Murcia, Spain. I created this blog to document my life living abroad far from friends and family, to document my misadventures in teaching English, and to document my travels across Europe. This blog is also to document the Spanish people, their culture, and way of life from an "unbiased" point of view. The same goes for all the other European countries that I visit.


Belgium, Part 11 - Bruges

We finished in Bruges drinking coconut beer out of coconut shells. We then headed back to the House of De Wit for a home cooked meal and sleep. We had to be up at 4am to catch a 6am flight back to Spain. This was an excellent weekend getaway. 

Belgium, Part 10 - Bruges

This was a lovely day trip. We wandered the streets, sampled the beer, and nursed our hangovers. 

Belgium, Part 9 - Ghent

While in Ghent, we get into one of the best bars in Europe for a dink. Its name is Jiggers and its hidden away on a side street, its very hush hush. I also had the opportunity to eat horse… I can cross that off my list and never have to do that again. Lastly we were cooked a typical Belgian home cooked meal of beer stew with meat. That was AMAZING. 

Belgium, Part 6 - The Atomium and Lebbeke

On our way to the House of De Wit, we drove to, under, and past the massive Atomium structure. It was amazing. We also had to take a photo next to the city sign of where we were staying. Love this town!! 

Belgium, Part 5 - Brussels Part 2

It was raining but we made the most of it! One big help was Belgian gin and this amazing Belgian guy Denzel who joined for the days debauchery. 

Belgium, Part 4 - Brussels 

Beer, Fries, and Chocolate! Sweet Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! This was a great weekend getaway! Our friend Michiel (Native Belgian) was giving us a proper tour of his country. 

The Upcoming Year

So its official, I won’t be coming back to Spain next year. Instead of gallivanting across Europe, I’ll be trying my luck at home. Over the past 2 years away I have missed out on some momentous things with the family. I’m nervous for what the future will have in store for me and I’m extremely sad to leaving my life here in Spain… Who wouldn’t be!?!?!?

So, soon I’ll be ending an amazing and life changing chapter and starting a new one. As for my blog, I’ll be keeping it active, however instead of it being primarily a travel blog, it will become more focused on Arkansas and the USA. I have students that follow my blog and I want them to continue to learn about places outside of Spain.  

Just because I’m moving home doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop traveling, it just means I won’t be traveling as frequently. This will be the last time I’m in Europe for a while; I want to shift focus and see more of the world. My next great adventure will be South America.

So thanks for following my journey! Keep looking for new things! 


Saying goodbye is at times, a difficult thing. As my year comes to a close and I only have a week left at the school, I now have to say goodbye to all my students. Yes I’ll be sad, but I’m walking away with two years of fond memories and knowing that I did impact someones life, actually over a hundred, in a positive way and taught them something. 

Comparing them from day 1, when I first met them, to present day, they have improved so much and have come so far. I’m proud to call them my students and I have extremely high expectations for them. Not seeing them on a weekly basis will be strange and I’m sure it will be the same for them, but thats a reality of growing up and getting older. 

Yes I might be closing a chapter, but it was a great chapter. One that has taught me a thing or two and has helped me grow. I truly will miss all of them. 

I never realized how many students I had till we took a group picture. 

Croatia, Part 13 - Split

The end of a trip, the end of a chapter, the end of a lot of things… This was a sad and finalizing part. Last Eastern European adventure for a long time. Im glad I got to spend it with great friends. Eastern Europe will always have a special part in my heart.

Croatia, Part 12 - Split

One evening in Split we got bored and decided to walk the coast around the city and take pictures. We also returned to my secret beach that I found last time I was here. It was nice to share these things with friends.

Croatia, Part 11 - Split

So once again I have returned to this amazing seaside city, however this time I’m with friends! This was a nice break from our fast paced traveling we had been doing for the past 10 days.

Bosna and Herzegovina, Part 5 - Mostar

This city is in the south of the country and is a world UNESCO site. This place is famous for its picturesque bridge that was destroyed during the war and then rebuilt after. I loved this place and want to return, sadly I didn’t have time to climb to the top of the “snipers tower” to see the 360º views of the city and surrounding area.